Kiss Chase :- A fun kids game

Quick boys hide! A game of Tag but with kissing!

Girls game? Or do boys like it really! well it is a fun kids game

O.k. there's only one way to play this game and thats with a group of girls.

Kiss Chase ends with a Kiss but starts with one group of girls and one group of boys. It's a tag game and kissing all roled into one. One things for sure it makes for some great kids playground fun. Being on the 'it' team is always the best don't you think? Decide which group is going to be the 'It' team. start the game by shouting 'ready. steady. Go.'

now the mayhem and Kissing Game begins. The group who is 'It' chases after the other group and tries to catch them just like in a tag game.

Once a player is caught by a member of the 'It' team they have to kiss them. Now a little advice here: Its best to chase and catch some one you would like to muahh! Honest.....

It's that simple.

The roots of this game comes from Tag a game where all you have to do is touch the player to catch them. Hands up who thinks this kissing game is better. Well here at the Emporium all hands are firmly UP.

To the big question : A girls only game or do boys really like it.

Is it a kids playground fun game for all? Theres only one way to answer that question.

Here at the Emporium the survey said.... Boys love it really Just don't tell anyone, especially your mates.

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